Circuit Art UK founder, Alex Khateeb, has more than 10 years of experience within the motorsport sector which includes professional racing, driver instructing, performance tuning and much more.

Alexander Khateeb – Motorsport Professional

 316308_10150388502145708_1190059951_n Date of Birth: 8 June 1984
Place of Birth: Bath, England
Resides: Wick, South Gloucestershire, England
Interests: Racing, Sport & Fitness, Meeting people


Gloucestershire-based Alex Khateeb is a 28-year-old professional driver who has raced in multiple series including A1GP, Formula Renault and Formula Ford. As the son of a graduate engineer and motor trader, Alex grew up surrounded by cars and developed a keen interest in performance and speed at a very early age.

His father closely followed Formula One – a passion shared by Alex – and it didn’t take long for Alex to turn his attention towards participating as well as watching motor racing. At the age of 15 Alex realised a dream and got his first chance in Formula Ford at local track Castle Coombe. His speed, skill and consistency was immediately recognised especially given his young age.


After his first race Alex was hooked on pursuing a career within the sport and worked hard to secure sponsorship to fund his first race car – a Formula Ford – which he purchased in 2004. Since then Alex’s career has taken him around the world competing in a range of different motorsports and driving disciplines.

Alexander Khateeb – Notable Highlights 

142_7444280707_503_n2004-2005 – Alex joins ARP F3 for selected races

In 2005 Alex stepped up to the ARP team where he was drafted in to compete within selected races in the championship. This would be Alex’s first chance to start building his processional racing career and experience.

Immediately Alex’s natural talent shone through – at Castle Coombe, Donington and Oulton Park Alex broke the F3 lap records while on his way to winning each race, an immensely impressive result for a rookie competing with ARP for the first time.

26723_414074325707_6385266_n2005-2006 – Alex moves up to British
F3 International Series
By 2006 Alex had established himself as a formidable force within the motorsport industry, rapidly progressing to the British F3 International Series (National Class). Alex joined this championship just a few weeks prior to the first race where he was put into competitive racing without any previous testing.

Despite this, Alex found himself on the podium at Pau and scoring a total of 42 championship points within the following four events – a fantastic result which would see his talent noticed by an even bigger racing series.

2006-2007 – Alex joins A1GP Team Lebanon
6772_126284345707_3132172_nAlex kick-started his A1GP drive by participating in the Zaandvort Rookie Session. This was his first time driving the V10-powered A1 car, but despite this Alex still managed to finish 7th overall.

A second rookie session for Graham Rahal in the Czech Republic saw Alex finish 15th overall, however his performance was somewhat hindered due to having to bed the brakes along with a lowered rev limit.

Alex then travelled to Beijing, China where his rookie session was cut short due to a dangerous drain cover on the China street circuit. Alex ran
11th overall prior to this. Alex also finished 11th at the Indonesia rookie session, however most notably he finished ahead of multiple GP2 and  ex-F1 drivers which would put pressure on the team to allow him to race at the following event in Tao Po, New Zealand.

After multiple strong finishes Alex was finally given a drive at Tao Po. Unfortunately politics within the team stripped his engineer, Brian  Ireland, from his duties just hours prior to the event. Understandably this made it a very difficult task for Alex with no race engineer at such a high competitive level. Despite this, Alex pushed on earning a huge amount of experience and finishing 15th overall.

Although disappointed, Alex then travelled across to Eastern Creek to test with BRM in the Australian F3 (ahead of the A1 race) ensuring he would have the best possible chance of a strong finish ahead of the A1GP meeting. During this test day, Alex finished 2nd overall at the official test day and as a result was offered a drive with BRM for the following season.

14763_220813300707_5654423_nShortly after the A1GP meeting began at Eastern Creek, and despite the teams promises Alex was once again left without an engineer. Despite his skill and talent, Alex needed a full-time engineer with the knowledge and experience to setup his car for the race ahead. Despite this, Alex pushed the A1 car to the limit managing the out-quality the Euro F3000 champion as well as several other highly-experienced drivers.

Although Race 1 resulted in a DNF, the second race would see Alex plagued with a loose steering arm forcing him to crawl back to the tips. Determined to finish, Alex got the car repaired and back out on track before working his way up to 16th overall – a huge achievement given the disappointment of the event so far.

Left hugely unhappy with the politics within the team, Alex proceeded to part ways before being taken on by Team Carling in the Formula Renault driving development program. After two successful races Alex once again found himself in the middle of team politics, opting to leave the team and travel to Japan at the end of the year. Alex gained a massive amount of knowledge and experience from the A1GP, Formula Renault and F3000 racing series – including the inner workings of a professional team both on and off the track.

2008-2010 – Alex establishes GT Garage
Performance Tuning and Imports
257_24993225707_337_n14763_217148890707_6533284_nWhile visiting Japan, Alex turned his attention towards his second passion and hobby – performance tuning. After establishing the import company GT Garage, Alex began importing a massive amount of high performance Japanese cars focusing on iconic models such as the Nissan Skyline GT-R, Mazda RX7, Toyota Supra and Nissan Silvia. Unlike other import companies, Alex only imported the absolute best cars available, tuned and developed for a range of disciplines including drift, drag, track and street thanks to the diverse motorsport culture in Japan. This proved to be a massive success in the UK where he soon established himself as one of the best importers around often providing cars for European customers in countries including Norway and Denmark.

By 2010 Alex now had his own collection of high-performance cars including a Top Secret R34 GT-R, Time Attack Nissan S15 and BN Sports R34 GT-T. Each of these cars attracted mainstream attention within the automotive sector, with Alex appearing in multiple magazine features, tuner DVDs, individual sponsorship with track day tyres and much more. Alex has a great understanding of the marketing and sponsorship side of performance cars, as well as using them to their full potential!

By 2011 the downturn in the import industry (due to the global recession and weak YEN rate) allowed Alex to turn his attention to full driver coaching and developing, allowing him to pass on and develop his 13 years of motorsport knowledge.

2012 – Alex joins Thruxton Supercar
Experience Days as a professional driving coach
italian-supercar-experience-at-25144009Over the past 12 months Alex has worked alongside Thruxton Circuit providing expert driver coaching for their supercar experience days as well as corporate events. Clients include Vauxhall, Ferrari and Prodrive Aston Martin to name a few.

Alex’s super-friendly attitude combined with a wealth of knowledge and experience makes him an ideal candidate for any driver wishing to improve his or hers overall driving ability.

2013 – Alex forms Circuit Art Performance Tuning
183907_10151457855620708_1592160048_nIn 2013 Alex has taken his motorsport experience one step further by establishing Circuit Art Performance Tuning – a business focused specifically on car and driver development.

Unlike other tuners, Alex doesn’t simply sell upgrades – each product is specifically chosen based on its performance merits and backed up with first-hand experience of using each part on his own development car, a Nissan GT-R. Alex has the ability to not only improve your cars performance, but also you as a driver ensuring you receive the absolute best upgrades to suit your driving needs.You can see the full range of services and products offered by visiting the official website at www.circuit-art.co.uk

 Alexander Khateeb – Testimonials

“Super raw talent and speed just need more mileage to make a champion.” Mark Hanies (British f3 champion/ex f1 test drive)

“Big talent for the future never seen someone with so little experience compete with some of the top drivers in the world.” Pedro Chaves (f3000 champion/f1 drive with Calonie/Portugeuse rally champion 2 times)

“Khateeb on a charge.”  Autosport magazine, Aug ’05

“Fastest driver in ARP F3.” Motorsport news, Oct ’05

“Khateeb on a roll.” Autosport magazine, Sept ’05

“A strong challenge from Alexander Khateeb the Vector driving rookie as he chased Hamilton home in eighth. Khateeb has been edging up the field all year and will be worth watching in the remaining events. The sensational Alexander Khateeb (Vector MG93). The whole paddock was stunned by the performance of novice Khateeb. His potential is clearly huge.” clubff1600.co.uk


Alexander Khateeb – Career summary  & Contact

- 29 days testing within F3000 which saw him always finish as one of the fastest 4 drivers

- 16 days testing in Formula Renault, again establishing himself as the fastest on track (Alex achieved 2nd overall for Team BRM despite having never raced on the track before)

- Started racing 2004 Formula Ford 1600 Rookie of the year

- Star of Formula Ford festival 2004

- Lap record breaking first test in F3, Autosport magazine Nov ’04

- Podium finish at Brans Hatch 1st race F3, April ’05

- Won from back of grid at Donnington after not qualifying first race back, Aug ’05

- Took pole and won at Oulton Park, Sept ’05

- Lap records at Donington, Silverstone National, Brands Hatch Indie, Castle Combe and Oulton Park international (ARP F3)

- British F3 Seat, on the podium at Pau and scored  42 championship points in the four events contested

-A1gp rookie season including 7th in Zandvoort, 12th in China, 10th in Indonesia, 13th in Taupo and 15th in Eastern Creek